There are only 27 first edition signatured 5-pc sets of "Dig Ins"® left (out of 1,500).
These sets were made in Korea and arrived in Fall of 1989. They received some great
publicity (above) between then and 1992 which was part of a beautiful portfolio.  After
that time, Yamazaki in Japan became new manufacturer and I added the 2- and 3-pc infant
starter sets - which were also used as hors d'ouvres pieces.  (See
catalog sheet below)

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The idea for "Dig Ins"® came about in January 1985. I was coming home on Amtrak
from an unsuccessful business trip on another project, sitting in the dining car, when my new
conductor friend said, "You sure do shovel your food in!" I looked at the spoon - shovel,
the fork - pitchfork, wasn't quite sure about the knife, but it surely set the wheels a'spinning.
As soon as I got home, contacted dear friend and artist extraordinaire, Stuart Auld, and
within a week, had the artwork for what would become "Dig Ins"®.

Utica Cutlery Company - specifically Rick Joswick - arranged for the first sets to be made
in Korea.  Over the next 6 months, one piece at a time, they arrived.  The knife became a
stylized chainsaw and was the last piece to arrive.  The Korean manufacturer was shown
pictures of actual chainsaws and provided a clay prototype from Stuart. 

This turned into an amazing 13-year project.  It took a few years to make enough money
for the first sets.  And all from a light-hearted jab about shoveling my food in (really, is there
any other way?).  Met so many wonderful people and had a lot of big fun along the way.
Am grateful for all of you!

A special thanks to photographer, Bryce Lankard, for the photo (above). much used for publicity.
I'd had postcard/press releases printed with it which were sent to different editors & "what's new"
writers from information gathered at the local library. Postcard stamps were around 29 cents then.

Also special thanks to Sharon & Anthony Richwine for their beautiful photography of
the 2- and 3-pc infant sets which were also made into postcards:


And I know (because they told me so!) they had a lot of fun with lights & melting
seashell-shaped butter for this one:

"Dig Ins"® debuted at the New Orleans Home & Garden Show
in the Superdome.  Stuart made the most amazing set:

"Dig Ins"® received great fan mail too.  (from last page of portfolio)

Catalog Sheet (insert for Portfolio)

Finding all the pieces & putting this together after so many years has me awed.
So check out what's left and git 'em while you can!


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