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Round pins are made on 2 1/2" recycled frozen juice lids.
less otherwise noted, all pins are 3-in-1: pins/pendants/magnets.
Instructions for making into pendants included.
are handmade, one-of-a-kind & include "jelly sandwich" signature.
Shipping is FREE !

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fleur de lis series
$35 each
Black & gold fleur de lis for love of New Orleans & our Saints
Each is a pin/pendant/magnet. Instructions for pendant included.

fleur de lis 19

fleur de lis 26

fleur de lis 21

fleur de lis 22

fleur de lis 23

fleur de lis 24

peas series
$20 each
Pins/pendant/magnets contain some or all of the following:
black-eyed peas, split green peas, lentils, grits with color
and glitter accents.

give peas a chance 1
(no larger image)

give peas a chance 2
(no larger image)

  Other Pins/Pendant/Magnets $35 each
unless otherwise noted

Professor Longhair
silver or black fringe


James Booker
red, silver or black fringe


Red Sequins on Black with Silver Coin Fringe

Nickel a Dance ~$5

$1.50 each ~ 10+ $1.00 each

I've been making the sayings since my first New Orleans JazzFest
("Mud" Fest) in 1980.  They went national in the early 8Os.
They can be made into pins or magnets (or both).

Click here for complete list of sayings and order form.

email me to purchase

via USPS flat rate. 
If you would prefer another type of shipping, let me know and we can make
other arrangements.  It will cost whatever that is plus $1.50 handling.

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